Americana Kitchen Projects For the 4th.

As we prepare to celebrate our great country's birthday, lets take a look at a few kitchens that embody a true American style.

rustic american kitchen

This rustic kitchen is actually a modern renovation. The refrigerator and dishwasher are hidden behind panels. The red, white and blue color scheme feels very patriotic. 

American Kitchen 1

Located in a recently remodeled Greek Revival farmhouse in upstate New York, this kitchen is more fun and relaxed. The design doesn't try to be a period reproduction, but mixes historic furniture and art with modern amenities. See more of the renovation here.

Pennsylvania dutch cabinetry

This traditional 'pie safe' cabinet with its punched tin panel is part of a new kitchen remodel in a historic Pennsylvania 1803 log cabin. Read about how the owners moved the cabin here.

philadelphia american kitchen

Finally, our favorite because it's our own design :). The new Airy Kitchens showroom in Mt Airy Philadelphia. For this project we blended traditional American details with modern materials and appliances. This look doesn't try too hard to look original, but truly embodies our American design heritage. 

Enjoy the fireworks, barbecues and swimming pools, but take a minute this 4th of July to look around and see the designs, details and craftsmanship that make our towns, homes, and even kitchens American.