Philadelphia Real Estate Pros Talk Kitchens

We asked two of the best Philadelphia real estate agents about what buyers are looking for in todays kitchen designs. Here is what they had to say:

Real estate pros Ife Foy and Eric Gerchberg

Real estate pros Ife Foy and Eric Gerchberg

Are buyers in different neighborhoods expecting different styles? 

While a simple, clean and functional kitchen is important to most buyers, Eric Gerchberg from OCF Realty says yes. "The neighborhoods really demand different design styles and choices. If you're in Fishtown, you expect to see more of a rustic, artsy type of kitchen, Old City has more industrial modern style. In Point breeze everything is getting rehabbed, so buyers expect to see shaker style cabinets and quartz counters, something that looks nice, but not a specific design style." The takeaway? It's okay to customize your design, but if your taste is different from the neighborhood norm, try to keep it neutral. 

Is everyone still into granite counters, or have we moved on?

Fifteen years ago, granite was hot, but now you see it in every kitchen. Is it a passing fad? Ife Foy from Keller Williams Realty thinks not. "We're still into Granite and Quartz. My buyers really appreciate the look and feel of them and they're durable. Everyone seems to like the grey and white granite and quartz the most." It's true that granite is extremely durable and it's actually inexpensive compared with other stone options. Learn more about countertop selections in our previous post: How to choose a kitchen counter, eight beautiful and durable options.

Appliances are important and buyers want brand names.

Appliances are important and buyers want brand names.

Do high end appliances make a difference? 

Commercial style stoves are popular, but vary widely in price. Are buyers after the look, or is the brand more important? Eric says "the brand speaks more to (buyers) than the look. If you show someone a Samsung versus a wolf, they're going to go for the Wolf, but they don't know why. What I find is more brand loyalty than function of the appliance." So, if you are renovating your forever home, buy what you like, but if you plan to sell in five years, it may be worth the extra money to buy the well known brand. Both Eric and Ife say that mid - low range Philadelphia buyers like Samsung appliances and high end buyers like Viking and Wolf stoves.

What are buyers of an $800k home expecting that buyers of a $300k home are not?

Sure, appliances may be different in a high end home, but what else are these buyers expecting? Ife says "ample space for cooking." Having a large kitchen with lots of counterspace is important for high end homes and opening up the space is popular too. Eric notes that higher end homes have nicer backsplashes and high end buyers are not into the thin glass tiles you see at big box hardware stores. Also, "wine storage is a big thing. It's funny because often buyers don't know that they want it until they see it, and then they have to have it." If you are looking to remodel and want to attract a high end buyer, it may be wise to remove walls and add wine storage. 

Attract high end buyers with wine storage.

Attract high end buyers with wine storage.

What DIY fixes can Philadelphia home sellers do to get higher offers on their homes?

Most kitchen renovation projects should be left to a contractor, but what can thrifty homeowners do themselves? Eric says "If you can take a tile workshop class at Home Depot, putting in a subway tile backsplash in your kitchen is always good." Otherwise, "throw a fresh coat of paint up, it's so easy to do and it goes miles for people looking at your home." While quick projects like this can make a big difference, Ife warns sellers about bigger renovations: "statistics actually show that the money you put into your home on a large renovation will pretty much break even. You're not going to make a profit (on the cost of your renovation), but you will probably sell your house faster." 

What are some kitchen and bath trends that buyers hate?

When it comes to cool, trendy materials, many buyers hesitate that the trend will go out of style. Eric mentioned the patterned concrete tiles that we are seeing more of, especially in bathrooms. "They look awesome, I love them personally, but in ten years will I love it?" he thinks not. Ife mentioned one of our favorite points, "Folks really don't want a small concrete backyard. Folks want a little bit of green space." May we suggest adding an outdoor kitchen next to those planters?

Outdoor space is a sought after amenity in Philadelphia.

Outdoor space is a sought after amenity in Philadelphia.

What kitchen and bath trends are buyers loving?

If buyers are searching it out, then these trends are probably going to stay popular. Ife says "buyers really love waterfall shower heads, spacious showers, large en suite bathrooms, and kitchens that are spacious and highly functional."  What is a cool trend that isn't going anywhere? Eric says "Exposed brick. That is the easiest thing to find in Philadelphia, we are a city of brick" and "honestly, I don't see that one going anywhere for a while." We agree, when your space is designed to highlight the character and structure of your home, it will always look timeless.

Thanks to these amazing Philadelphia real estate agents for taking the time to educate us and our readers on the best ways to design and remodel our homes. If you are interested in buying or selling, please see their contact info below.  

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Ife Foy   215.380.9595

Eric Gerchberg

Eric Gershberg   914.393.3335

If you would like to speak with an Airy Kitchens designer about renovating your home, call us at 215 853 6060 or fill out our Contact Form to schedule a free consultation.

Where should you put kitchen outlets?

From microwave to phone charger, everyone needs outlets in the kitchen, but who wants to see a beautiful backsplash dotted with poorly placed outlets? Lets look at some options to hide kitchen outlets and places where you shoud keep them visible.

Our favorite hidden plugs, these angled outlets are easy to reach.  See more of this contemporary kitchen.

Our favorite hidden plugs, these angled outlets are easy to reach. See more of this contemporary kitchen.

1) Under cabinet plugs.

When your backsplash is the special feature of the kitchen (think marble slabs or a tile pattern you don't want to interrupt), under cabinet plugs will keep it looking uniform. These plugs can be hidden along with under cabinet lighting to create a functional kitchen that looks sleek. However, under cabinet plugs aren't as convenient to see or reach as standard wall plugs and may not be a good choice for homeowners with arthritis or poor vision. If you are going to keep an appliance like a coffee maker plugged in all the time, cords won't be hidden, rather they will dangle from above. 

This wall plug blends in seamlessly with it's surroundings and is placed in a convenient location.

This wall plug blends in seamlessly with it's surroundings and is placed in a convenient location.

2) Color coordinated wall outlets.

Because wall plugs are easier to see and use, every kitchen should have a few. This kitchen uses black outlets with simple flat cover plates to help them blend into the backsplash. Place wall plugs in an area where cooks and guests can easily charge their phones or anywhere you plan to keep small appliances like coffee makers or toaster ovens.

This outlet is easy to access and grouped with two light switches.  See more of this charming kitchen.

This outlet is easy to access and grouped with two light switches. See more of this charming kitchen.

3) Group outlets with switches.  

While we may be able to hide outlets under the cabinets, light switches aren't going anywhere. Light switches are usually placed in an area that's easy to see and convenient to reach. Sounds like a good spot to charge your phone, right? Grouping a wall outlet together with light switches will reduce the amount of interruptions in your backsplash. These white outlets with black switch plates are easy to see and look appropriate against white tile with black grout.

Add an outlet in your island. Love these counters?  Learn more about soapstone and seven other counter options.

Add an outlet in your island. Love these counters? Learn more about soapstone and seven other counter options.

  4) Always add an outlet to your island.

Modern homeowners are installing more kitchen islands in place of breakfast tables because an island can be used for storage and seating. While a cook might like to have an outlet for small appliances, homeowners and their kids are likely to use these outlets everyday for charging phones and iPads. It's also safer to plug things in at the island instead of draping cords across walkways.

Remember, most cities have special rules about outlet placement and safety features like GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupter) in kitchens. You should check with your local buildings department or hire a qualified kitchen designer before installing electrical outlets in your renovation.  

Five Elements to Create a Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen

Considering a farmhouse style kitchen? Lets take a look at the details that make this charming style perfect for Philadelphia homes.

farm sink philly.jpg

Farm Sink

An easy way to make a big statement, farm sinks have become popular in kitchen design and are a great way to give your kitchen a farm house look. Farm sinks are available in stainless steel, copper, and cast iron, but our favorite is porcelain (sometimes called fireclay). These sinks give a soft look by breaking up square cabinetry with thick rounded corners. Farm sinks feel like a historic family heirloom that can be reused in your grandchildren's kitchens. 

Chestnut Hill Farm house

Furniture Pieces

We love to design farm house kitchens with mismatched cabinets that look like furniture. This is a great opportunity to reuse historic built-ins or upcycle a furniture piece like we did here. Farm house style is not about perfection, so don't be afraid to use a few reclaimed pieces. It's okay if counter heights and drawer pulls don't match, it all adds to the charm! 


Bead Board

This simple and inexpensive material is an easy way to add farm house charm to any kitchen. Bead board was once built of multiple interlocking smaller boards with a groove, or 'bead' cut into each one. Today, homeowners can avoid the small pieces and purchase sheets similar to plywood that have this pattern cut into them. Bead board can be used as a backsplash, cabinet door panels, or a wall covering like this kitchen above. This material is a great way to add texture to your kitchen without spending a lot.

farm house kitchen floor.jpg

Traditional Flooring

Farm house kitchens should feel comfortable, a little vintage, and never fussy. We love to use wood floors in these spaces for a warm feel. Painting a wood floor also works great for this look. While ceramic and stone tile can work, avoid newer styles and shapes of tile that will give a modern feel. Have to repair your wood floor? Don't be afraid to leave seams or patches, they will only emphasize the age and character of your home. 

big country stove.jpg

A Big Country Stove

What could be more farm house than a big vintage stove? A large stove is great for cooking big meals and a vintage style works well with the farm house look. If you are looking for new appliances, there are new stoves still built in this style. Or consider a refurbished antique stove. Even a newer stainless commercial stove will work better than a boring standard kitchen range. It's all about making a statement with a piece that will last a long time. So, even if you don't want a vintage look, purchase something that is built to last.

Farm house style works with the architecture and character of older homes rather than against it. Consider this style to give your Philadelphia kitchen design a comfortable and vintage feel. If you're looking for a kitchen design in the Philadelphia area, fill out our Contact Form.


Create lounge seating in your kitchen

People love to gather in the kitchen, so why not give them a seat? Keep guests happy by creating a comfy area where they can be part of the action, but out of the way. A lounge area in the kitchen is nice for aging relatives who don't want to sit on a bar stool for hours.

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