Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Philadelphia

Homes in Philadelphia and on the Mainline have so much history and character.  As the owner of an older home, preserving those classic details is a major priority, but it’s also important to update your home with modern, functional touches that make life easier and improve your home’s value.  Because the kitchen is one room that dates a home the most, a kitchen remodel is a great place to start when refurbishing your living spaces.  So how do you strike a balance between preserving the history of your home and updating it with all of the contemporary features you want?  For the best kitchen design ideas, call Airy Kitchens.  We’re a kitchen remodeling company based in Philadelphia, so you can be sure we know about the tastes of people in this area.  If you’re looking for a local designer that can get the results you want, Airy Kitchens has the knowledge and kitchen design talent to make your next kitchen renovation turn out exactly the way you dreamed it could.

Kitchen Renovations on the Mainline

The best kitchen designing companies know how to blend the latest styles with the classic charm of an older home.  Our owner, Sean Lewis, has over 15 years of professional design experience and has worked on many exclusive properties from luxurious New York City apartments to stately Mainline mansions.  If you’re planning a kitchen remodel in the greater Philly area, Airy Kitchens is the company you want working for you.  Not only do we bring the best kitchen design ideas to modernize your home, we also work with only the most skilled kitchen contractors and tradespeople, so you can rest easy knowing the quality of work we produce will be second to none.


Interior Kitchen Designs

Your home’s interior spaces should be inviting, functional, and current, especially when it comes to kitchen designing. The best design companies can accomplish these goals without removing everything that makes your historic home unique.  Airy Kitchens wants to be your interior designer, not just for kitchens, but for bathrooms, gardens, outdoor kitchens, and more!  We work in Philly, Montgomery County, and parts of Bucks and Delaware counties, so if you’re planning an interior design or remodeling project in those areas, send an email to, call (215) 853-6060, or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation.  A dated kitchen is not a place you want to come home to, so let Airy Kitchens bring your interior spaces into the 21st century by scheduling your free design consultation today!