Solid Surface Backsplash Ideas

The kitchen is a unique room. It must be designed for cooking, eating, cleaning, and entertaining. Unlike other rooms in your home, every aspect of a kitchen’s design has to look good while also being functional.  Even the walls themselves can serve a purpose in a kitchen, especially when we look at the latest trend in kitchen countertops: the solid surface backsplash.  More than just a way to end the countertop, a backsplash serves the important function of making surfaces behind sinks, stoves, and other messy areas easier to clean.  These days, designers are taking the concept of a backsplash to the extreme, extending it all the way up to meet upper cabinets, or even all the way up to the ceiling.  Here are a few ideas from Airy Kitchens for solid surface backsplashes that are attractive, contemporary, and most importantly, functional.

modern shaker.jpg

Countertops That Keep Going

The simplest iteration of the solid surface backsplash is to just continue your countertop material all the way up the wall.  At the moment, we often see this style used with granite or quartz countertops, which can be quite dramatic depending on the size of the area you’re covering and the natural pattern of the material used.  For a stainless steel stove with a hood system, a stainless backsplash can easily become the centerpiece of the room.  This style works best with light-colored quartz or granite, as a dark material can make your room feel smaller when covers the entire wall.

A Bit of Contrast

Another option is to use a material that’s drastically different from your counter material to create some contrast and visual interest.  For ultra-modern kitchens, a light-colored marble countertop can find a perfect textural complement in white subway tiles.  Or, if you feel your kitchen is too monochromatic, a granite or ceramic tile backsplash can add visual interest with dark cabinets, try a light-colored counter and backsplash or offset white or steel appliances with a bold, dark backsplash.

Consider Functionality

Of course, the most important function of a backsplash is to protect your kitchen walls from water damage and food splatter.  Keep in mind when selecting backsplash materials, that some are easier to clean than others. Tile and marble will take more work than granite, soapstone or quartz. If you’re interested in a minimalist look and easy cleanup, a smooth, seamless surface like granite is probably best. For a lower-cost option, you might consider choosing from the range of laminate materials available at most hardware stores.  Some designers opt for other surfaces like tile or even wood; in these cases, you might love the look but you should be prepared to spend a little more time cleaning.

The solid surface backsplash is a relative newcomer to the kitchen design world but we think it’s a trend that will stand the test of time.  Not only can it take a dead wall space and turn it into the focal point of the room, it also protects your walls and makes for easy cleanup.  If you’re interested in a solid surface backsplash for your kitchen, you’ll want to speak with Sean Lewis, the Lead Designer at Airy Kitchens.  All you have to do is call (215) 853-6060, send an email to or visit our website and fill out the online contact form to schedule your free consultation today!