Meet the Team: Sean Lewis

At Airy Kitchens we strive to create unique and beautiful kitchens that people will love. Today owner Sean Lewis tells us how he developed his love of interior design and everything kitchens.

Sean Lewis of Airy Kitchens

What led you to designing kitchens in Philadelphia?

I have always been obsessed with art and design. I grew up creating paintings, sculpture, and many, many floor plans. I moved to new York after college and worked in interior design. I actually started gardening and ended up spending ten years as a landscape designer. Eventually I created my own line of outdoor cabinets as a partner at New Eco Landscapes. I guess that was the turning point. Kitchens are complex and fun to design, so once I started I loved the challenge.

One of Sean Lewis’ Garden designs.

One of Sean Lewis’ Garden designs.

What inspires you?

I was just thinking this morning about how much I love my bathroom. It’s an original 1920’s deco bathroom with amazing thick green tiles. It’s easy to see lots of modern inspiration on blogs and magazines, and I do love modern design, but classic details always win me over. I’m always checking out historic homes and even going to local open houses. If my kitchens and bathrooms look as good in one hundred years as these vintage ones do, then I’ve done my job.

Sean’s favorite vintage bath at his home in Mt Airy Philadelphia.

Sean’s favorite vintage bath at his home in Mt Airy Philadelphia.

What is the most difficult part of designing a kitchen?

I work in a lot of older homes and they all have tiny kitchens. Everyone wants more space. I want more space, but you don’t want to cut open your historic living or dining room, right? Luckily I excel at organization. I can work with what you have or propose some bigger changes like opening walls or building additions. If it’s done right, modern changes can look appropriate in historic homes.

A clean and organized kitchen with a small footprint.

A clean and organized kitchen with a small footprint.

What is the best part of designing a kitchen?

Thats easy, my clients (and their dogs). I get to change their lives in a big and exciting way. I really love designing, but without the people designs feel stagnant. Every client and every space bring their own challenges and that’s what leads to beautiful designs. People are always at the heart of what we do.

Whats next?

We are planning a new office and showroom. It’s going to be beautiful. Thats all I can tell you.

If you would like to talk with Sean about designing your kitchen contact us.